You Have a MARKETING Problem if…

  • Few people are making appointments to see your home. 

  • The photos are terrible (clutter, weird angles, blue light) or non-existent.

  • Your agent thinks online marketing simply means having your house on MLS.

You Have a SHOWING Problem if…

  • Buyers can’t get in to see your property when it’s convenient for them.

  • You’re not flexible for last-minute showings. You need to be. They could be your perfect buyers.

  • You’re home during the showings. You might think it’s helpful but it’s definitely not.

  • Your agent’s office doesn’t have a receptionist or answering service. If it’s hard to book an appointment, agents will move on.

You Have a STAGING Problem if…

  • People can’t easily determine where they will put the couch and television.

  • Potential Buyers are too distracted by the clutter and mess to see the house.

You Have a LOCATION Problem if…

  • You’re on a busy street, have train tracks in your backyard or you live next to a gas station or a shopping center.

  • You can’t change location, so you actually have a pricing problem (see below). Every location sells at the right price.

You Have a HOUSE Problem if…

  • Your agent is repeatedly getting the same negative feedback about your house. You know what you need to do. Fix it.

  • If you can’t fix the problem (ie lack of garage, location), then you actually have a pricing problem (see below). Every house sells when the price is right.

You Have an AGENT Problem if….

  • Your agent isn’t giving you feedback from buyers who have seen your home or keeping you informed about what’s happening to the other houses for sale in your neighbourhood.

  • Your agent thinks that just listing your house on the MLS is enough. It’s not. 

  • Your agent hasn’t suggested staging. It does help!

You Have a PRICING Problem if…

  • You’re getting lots of showings and no one is making an offer.

  • You’ve received offers from a few buyers and they are all clustered around the same price (and it’s not your asking price).

You Have a MOTIVATION Problem if…

  • You don’t really need to sell – you’re really just trying to see what you might be able to get.

  • You aren’t listening to what the market is telling you, because it doesn’t really matter. You want what you want, and if you don’t get it, that’s ok.


There are many factors that contribute to a successful sale. Want to know more? Give me a call!

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